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I CONGRATULATE the Institute of Business Studies University (IBSU) on its two milestone accomplishments this year.
First for obtaining a prestigious international recognition and certification awarded by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO).
ISO is an independent, non-governmental international organisation with a membership of more than 164 national standards bodies.
One of its primary roles is to assess and standardise and certify organisations including educational institutions and business entities globally.
In the last 30 years, IBSU has been offering quality education in the country.
And to obtain such a recognition is a milestone achievement.
The sacrifices of the founder Sir Mick Nades and his management team have finally placed the institution amongst some of the world’s best.
The award is an indication that the facilities, management, qualifications and education offered at IBSU are of international standard.
The rating now paves a path for its students to seek employment opportunities elsewhere in the world should they wish.
Employment in the formal sector in PNG is fast becoming scarce due to the availability of less job opportunities.
Obtaining ISO recognition and certification is the kind of trend many of our universities need to take in order to produce globally compatible human capital.
The world is advancing through technology and universities around the world are incorporating such advancement in their institutions.
And IBSU is one of such institutions.
It is moving in the right direction through provision of quality education to go by par with global advancement. Secondly, I salute IBSU on the completion of its world-class centre for excellence building which was recently opened by Prime Minister James Marape.
The centre for excellence facility provides advanced amenities for efficient modern approaches in teaching and learning.
Improved facilities compounded with efficient teaching and learning processes promote quality education.
Such high standard amenities are lacking in some of our prime universities in the country.
The consequences of such deficiencies are obvious. Many potential students with better GPAs are denied of their rights to obtaining university education.
This gap is filled by private institutions such as IBSU which absorbs many students who otherwise would have been pushed out in the streets.
PNG population is growing at an alarming rate and the demand for university education is far reaching.
The Government cannot adequately build universities to meet the growing demands posed by its citizens.
The country has many political, economic and social issues which needs to be addressed with the limited resources it has.
In such a situation private citizens who have the heart for the country are doing their utmost best to alleviating some of these issues.
One of such institutions is IBSU. It has been assisting the government in enrolling and educating many Papua New Guineans.
This is something we as a nation must be proud of and accord IBSU unwavering support in whatever way possible for its continuity.
IBSU students are Papua New Guineans.
Like many elites coming out of other universities, they too make up the elite group of the nation.
The Government needs to support this institution in terms of funding allocations like other public and private universities in the country.
After all the intellectuals produced by this institution are directly contributing to the country’s development.

Steven Koya
Southern Highlands

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