Institution to utilise performance system

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday 23rd April 2013


THE Institution of Engineers PNG Inc is ready to implement the competency based assessment system used by Engineers Australia and other professional bodies around the world.

A director of the institution’s board, Alois Brian, said yesterday: “This is to ensure that members will be rewarded according to their performances.

“Depending on the job descriptions, each public entity would formulate a training scheme for its engineers and as each officer progresses, they are awarded.

 “Salaries, allowances and other benefits are paid according to the license and not necessarily to the position.

“A class system does exist within the public service where employees are recognized to a class 5 but agencies have stopped using it.”

Brian said the disadvantage of the previous award system was that there were not enough positions at the top management level to accommodate all the performers.

“It means that one can be stuck on a position forever; it further means that one can continue to receive the same amount in the pay packet year-in  year-out despite putting in good performances,” he said.

“The introduction or extension of the previous award system to class 10 is therefore recommended to cater for the ever changing face of engineering.

“It is flexible and because it is performance-based given the fact that progression is measured by competency; simply changing the measurement criteria would raise the bar.”