Intellectuals our main hindrance

Letters, Normal

The National, Thursday 02nd August, 2012

PAPUA New Guinea is a nation made up of diverse cultures and diffe­rent traditional practices.
The future of our country’s development de­pends on these so-called intellects who are currently studying in various tertiary institutions lo­cally and overseas.
For example, in the main University PNG campus, one of the unresolved issues is the dis­cipline problem.
Students have a “do-not-care” attitude and lack respect.
Stealing and drinking are common.
There is illegal sharing of rooms between the opposite sex as they simply move from the ones they have been allocated.
Even lecture rooms are abused by lovebirds.
To cover up these un­ethical acts, people say “we are the chosen gene­ration of the 21st century”.
A “chosen generation” should be disciplined, humble and God-fearing.
We are not in the United States, Europe or other developed nations.
We should follow our plans and avoid de­struc­tion.

Concerned citizen
Port Moresby