Intending candidates learn about parliament

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THE national parliament hosted a practice parliament session for women yesterday.
When opening the session, Deputy Speaker John Simon told the female intending election candidates that it was important to follow some procedures.
“It is important that you understand that if you join in the House, you will have a constitutional duty to uphold the law of our country and to protect the human rights of the people,” he told them.
The women debated on a mock bill on gun control, based on recommendations from the 2005 National Gun Control Committee.
Acting minister for internal security on the day Angela Mandie-Filer, who is to contest the Port Moresby North-East seat, argued in support of the bill calling on her fellow members to address the country’s ongoing gun violence problems.
Mandie-Filer said: “Violence has been an ongoing problem that has been worsened by the increased number of guns in our community.
“There are more hand guns held by our civilian population in PNG than are held by the three armed forces.
“Our women have long been under threat, but are now facing violence from guns, resulting in loss of lives.
“This must end.”
In response, the Opposition supported the bill, but proposed amendment to strengthen its effectiveness.
Shadow minister Veronica Weiang, who is to run for North Waghi open, argued that “taking action to address gun problems was overdue by the government, with no action taken since the 2005 national Gun Control Committee Report.
“Gun control is imperative, but it must be implemented properly to ensure a proper strategy.”