Interdenominational conference to help women support husbands


THE wives of Bomana Correctional Institution (CIS) officers had a weeklong interdenominational conference to help the women unite spiritually and support their husbands.
CIS officers’ wives chairlady Elizabeth Teine said their husbands’ jobs were important in ensuring the functioning of correctional services throughout the country. “We want to be at their sides and provide the emotional and spiritual supports they will need to work,” she said.
Teine said being a correctional officer was a stressful job as their husbands and partners faced challenges daily to help run their jails.
She said it was important for CS officers to get support both on the job and in their homes to allow them to fulfil their roles efficiently and diligently.
“The purpose of the conference was to bring mothers and wives from all CS centres in Port Moresby including CS headquarters, female CS officers, maximum security unit (MSU) and the wives of the correctional officers within complexes of STC, college and Bomana to come together to discuss ways to support their husbands in their work.”
Teine said the aim was to help create a positive atmosphere for CS officers to do their jobs and benefit inmates as well.
Teine said the week-long gospel conference, which ended on Friday, had seen ideas discussed and goals set. The theme for the conferences was “Building a Nation”.
She said over the past eight years they had engaged in religious and spiritual activities including crusades, Christian outreach, charity visits to hospitals and prisoners, counselling, fellowship with inmates to help their husbands.

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