Interesting times ahead


THE unceremonious dumping of former deputy prime minister Davis Steven and stripping of the country’s second highest power from the People’s Party comes as a surprise for many and have sent all kinds of signals. It further keeps everyone guessing on what really prompted the changes and what might soon follow.
A general feeling now among many government insiders is that the recent mini reshuffle was very timely and is right on track in meeting long outstanding commitments on ministerial allocations among parties as far as fair distribution of ministries is concerned in the Pangu-led coalition government.
Nothing in Waigani goes on without Ipatas’ sniff.
If Marape was the chef in his kitchen cabinet, then Ipatas was the sous chef.
Power seemed to concentrate within Pangu and People’s party and that didn’t go well especially with those who provided the good numbers.
But does that solve all problems still lurking among the coalition partners?

David Lepi

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