Intermediate ward charges K2000 in upfront fee


The intermediate ward at the Port Moresby General Hospital now charges K2000 upfront payment before a patient can be admitted there.
Chief executive Dr Umesh Gupta said the K2000 was charged for the convenience of the patient.
The ward charges K150 admission fee, K60 per night for the bed and K100 for every visit by the doctor.
The K2000 upfront payment is required before a patient can be admitted.
Fees are then deducted from the K2000.
“Intermediate ward is not new in Port Moresby General Hospital,” Gupta said.
“It has always been there and there have always been charges associated with the use of intermediate ward.
“All charges at Port Moresby General Hospital, including the intermediate ward, are strictly as per the Government-approved Schedule of Charges 2013, signed by the Governor-General  and duly gazetted.
“An automated hospital information system ensures that there is no over-charging.”
Gupta said that it was recognised that patients who could afford wanted more privacy or better ambience.
“This is especially true for those who carry insurance, expats or more affluent Papua New Guineans,” he said.
“Such patients pay for such facilities in a public system and there is nothing wrong in that.”
Gupta said fees collected from those who could pay more offset treatment costs of those who could not afford it.