Internal affairs begins probe into police brutality claim


THE police internal affairs directorate has confirmed that a three-man team has been tasked to start investigations into the death of a young man at 6-Mile in Port Moresby on July 15.
Acting internal affairs director Emil Alpha said the investigators would be collecting statements
from all witnesses of the alleged beating of the young man in the community.
Police Commissioner David Manning, in a statement sent on Tuesday, confirmed that he wanted the internal affairs directorate to carry out investigations immediately.
“The young man was allegedly subjected to assault by policemen attached to the 6-Mile police station and died last Saturday,” Comm Manning said.
“Members of the 6-Mile community protested on Sunday but were stopped by police.
“We the police are not above the law.
“We are entrusted to protect life and property and to bring to justice those who break the law.”
Our duty is not to abuse our citizens.
“Every citizen, whether alleged criminals, suspects or otherwise, have their right to justice in court.
“We are neither the judge nor the executioner.
“We are expected to use reasonable force only.
“We are not to continue assaulting suspects when they are handcuffed and pose no threat whatsoever either to policemen or to other members of the community.”


  • Police lack discipline big time and yet they think they can discipline the public.

  • Dismental the internal affairs directorate….Investigation after investigation and no arrest

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