International Airport for Komo?

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PETROLEUM giant ExxonMobil Ltd has revealed interests in constructing a multi-million kina international airport and satellite township at Komo district, Southern Highlands province, according to the landowners.
This was made known after the official launching of the Komo landowners’ umbrella company Komo Dai Holdings Ltd two weeks ago, which also saw the releasing of customary land for the development projects.
Komo Dai Holdings is an umbrella company made up of landowners from the Komo area and is also currently in a joint venture with renowned contractors Shorncliffe and the Papindo Group of Companies.
Komo Dai Holdings chairman John Aibe said that Komo Dai was ready and had the capacity and backing to participate in the developmental projects in the area.
Mr Aibe said the proposed airport and satellite township in Komo would play a vital role in logistical and transport support for the LNG project.
He urged ExxonMobil to recognise the customary landowners and their level of competence through the Komo Dai Holdings and its joint venture partners and include them as development partners to the project.
Komo Dai Holdings director, Heni Koi, said: “The land is a vital part of our livelihood and for us to participate in its development will cater for our traditional loss.”
ExxonMobil had already selected the land for the airport and has also surveyed the area with work already in its early stages.
However, Civil Aviation Authority sources said any company showing interest with the construction of the airport would still have to go through the normal tender process.