International calls to PNG very costly

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I AM living abroad and it usually cost me A$10 (K24) to make a seven-minute call to Papua New Guinea.
I normally spend around K100 a week to make calls back.
On the other hand, when my family members call me using a K3 flex or K3 bemobile prepaid, we can talk for about six minutes.
I find this ridiculous because most countries have liberalised their telecommunication sector unlike PNG.
Let me put this into perspective; one can make a call to Uganda in Africa from Australia at 44 cents per minute while making the same call to Papua New Guinea costs A$1.42.
When you compare the distance, it is all the more mind boggling. PNG is Australia’s neighbour while Uganda is right in the middle of the African continent.
Yet, it is cheaper to call Uganda than PNG.
Is that logical?
The high telecommunication cost has made PNG an expensive place to do business, and more importantly, denying the need for the world to know PNG better. Cheaper telecommunication service is the essential element to attracting foreign investors and we are not embracing it.
The minister responsible should take this seriously and review the whole system and telecommunication charges.


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