International essay award

Lae News, Normal


A GRADE 12 student from the Coronation College in Lae has become the first Papua New Guinean to win a local international essay writing award from the British Commonwealth Society in England.
Ricky Kirori’s entry was one of seven entries from the school chosen among various entries around in the world.
This year’s PNG chief examiner’s report stated that local prizes were awarded to entries that had been commended or highly commended in the main competition.
All eligible entries from four classes A to D in ages ranging from under 12 years to 18 years were considered by the chief examiner who then made the award.
PNG chief examiner Dr Charles Kemp said he considered two entries for the PNG local prize which was Ricky’s from the Class A age group (16-18 years) and runner-up Jocelyn Narokai from the Class C age group (12-13 years), who is a Grade Eight student at the college.
Ricky wrote on the Commonwealth question: “What changes in your country would enhance the lives of young people?”
Dr Kemp in commending Ricky, said: “He had resolutely set out the problems which he perceived in his society and suggested a range of programmes to help young people develop their potentia.”
He said Ricky’s entry was “thoughtful, well presented and held together by his own positive attitude to life”.
Jocelyn wrote on the topic “The Beautiful Game: Why does football inspire such passion around the world?” 
Dr Kemp said her entry was also well-written and structured.
And though not an football player, she covered a lot of ground and showed a good understanding of the game. 
She also offered convincing explanations as to why football was so popular from the perspective of both players and spectators.
Dr Kemp said two entries were “of very similar quality and achievement”.
And he awarded the local prize to Ricky because he liked the way he had thought so carefully about the issues facing young people in Papua New Guinea.