International transport operator required


THE chaotic, unreliable and unprofessional dirty Port Moresby bus service has gone well past its use-by date.
Residents of Port Moresby have had enough of its unprofessional, don’t-care attitude and poor performances.
Most have no sense of responsibility whatsoever for the convenience and safety of the travelling public.
Such careless behaviour and attitudes make these operators unqualified, unsuitable and out-of their league to provide the city’s bus services.
An experienced, internationally-renowned and accredited operator is required to provide and  manage a completely brand-new class of bus service for the city.
This should be free from government and political influence.
Re-engaging some of the current bus operators will not improve the city’s public transport service to complement its modernisation and development.
It would only encourage the stone-age mob mentality to continue to corrupt our modern development and society.

City Commuter