Internationally accredited training conducted


THE Pacific Cranes and Engineering in Lae is conducting courses to individuals who have international accredited certificates, says operations manager Edward Busain.
Buasin said the courses were Australian certified and recognised by PNG National Training Council.
The courses include scaffolding, rigging, forklift, elevated work platform, boiler operator, overhead crane, mobile and wharf cranes, working at heights and confined spacing.
Last week, 10 students from industries and individuals completed theory and practical part of the training.
According to Buasin, trainers are internationally recognised with vast experiences and are registered with National Training Council as well.
He said the job market needed crane operators but not many have the skills or the verification of competency.
Buasin pointed out that dogging training is very important when one is a crane operator.
“There are many grade 12 students coming out of school every year,” he said.
“Our training is providing an opportunity for these people to undergo training and be skilled.”