Internet hub for business opens in POM

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The National – Wednesday, February 16, 2011

INTERNET usage and access is on the rise as more people use it for business, social networking, entertainment and other activities.
To meet this demand, an internet centre Pacific Marine Internet Business Centre was launched last Friday in Port Moresby.
Western province Gov Dr Bob Danaya, who officiated at the launch, said with the use of internet, people would be able to easily communicate with each other in the province as well as access much valuable information they need, within and out of PNG on education, health, business and other related fields of human endeavour.
The internet business centre is open for business six-days a week and plans are underway to extend this to a full week soon.
Manager Rex Andreas planned to keep improving the center’s range of business services weekly to ensure good friendly service was provided to the public at affordable and competitive costs.
A senior representative of Pacific Marine and director of training at the Pacific Maritime Training College, Navy Capt  Reginald Renagi said Pacific Marine provided reliable internet service and they also provided wireless broadband service.
He said internet was one of the most widely- used media in the world today.
The installation of internet facilities was done by a MICOM, a local telecommunications firm with further plans to expand the scope of the works in the next few months.
Danaya was very grateful to Pacific Marine for enabling its internet services to be also extended to students and people from Western province in Port Moresby.