InterOil move irks Maipakai

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The National – Wednesday, February 2, 2011

MEMBER for Kikori and Minister for Internal Security Mark Maipakai was disappointed  when InterOil failed to consult his office before going ahead with projects that concerned his electorate.
Maipakai said in a statement he was happy to work with investors and other developers to ensure smooth progress with development.
However, he said it was also important that there was regular consultation and dialogue with relevant authorities concerned.
Maipakai made these remarks after InterOil went ahead and set up camps at Ihu district to conduct social mapping.
He said he was supporting the company in carrying out resources development in Baimuru, Ihu and Kikori areas but it was another thing when they failed to consult him regarding the camp.
“I  am the mandated member for Kikori which covers Baimuru and Ihu and I need to be consulted and briefed on the progress of the project so that I can comfortably inform the government and the people to avoid misinformation,” Maipakai said.
He said was not fully briefed on the project and as such he had no idea with regards to the oil pipeline and where it would be built.