InterOil, Telikom in deal

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THE Elk and Antelope oil and gas discoveries by InterOil in the Gulf are bringing some infrastructure development and improved social services. 
InterOil’s senior manager media relations Susuve Laumaea said whilst the initial location for the company’s project was undeveloped, communication would  play a vital role in opening up the province not only for infrastructure development but also bring basic services to the local people.
He said the company was  putting together some work plans to bring on board and partner with vital service providers to get things rolling.
“The province has lost several generations in terms of keeping track with developments happening in other parts of the country and the installation of telecommunication infrastructure is one big step forward to creating a business hub for the province.
“Communication complemented by ICT (information communication technology) services will be a real eye opener for the people,” Laumaea said.
InterOil project sites situated in Ihu and Baimuru districts with the surrounding project to impact population of some 60,000 to 70,000 will soon have service providers buzzing in to deliver services into an area that was once seen  of as unprofitable.
In a recent cheque presentation from InterOil to Telikom PNG for high-speed data link, acting chief executive officer and chief of human resources for Telikom PNG, Paul Tevlone, said under a three-year arrangement, Telikom would supply two 10 megabytes links that would enable InterOil to have VOIP, video conference and high speed data transfer services for their Port Moresby-based offices at Pacific Place and Ravalion Haus.
“Telikom PNG values the partnership with InterOil and the discussions to install our CDMA network at InterOil’s leasehold areas to provide Xcess voice and data coverage in their projects sites in Gulf province will also benefit the surrounding communities and strengthen our relationship going forward,” Tevlone said.
Tevlone was also pleased with the current project involving InterOil fuel stations nationwide that utilises Telikom’s X’cess EVDO internet modems that are permanently connected to InterOil’s main server.
“This is a unique project untaken by both companies where customers with fuel cards at any InterOil fuel station nationwide where there is Xcess coverage can have their users accounts updated on real time, meaning customers can check their available account balance,” Tevlone said.