Intervention, reporting should be a law


INTERVENTION and reporting should be part of gender-based violence (GBV) laws so that by law, people will have the power to intervene and report any form of violence against women and girls.
A person who is committing violence will have in mind that the law gives powers to the public to intervene, apprehend and take them to the nearest police station.
Every time you want to help stop a family feud or fight between husband and wife or two people, those involved will simply tell you that it’s none of your business.
Sometimes husband and wife arguments are classified as family matters so bystanders, neighbours and public have no right to interfere.
People become spectators and watch conflicts as a show and no one cares to intervene and report it to the authorities.
Because we are not compelled by law to do so, violence escalates to some point where some women lose their lives and violence continues in our society.
See Jenelyn’s fate as an example.
No one seems to take this seriously in a form of intervention and reporting after all these years, months and six days of agony.
No one cared.
Authorities can ask you on where you were during that time when Jenelyn Kennedy (for example) went through such ordeal.
Witnesses can be charged for negligence if found guilty by breaking the law of intervention and reporting.
My point might sound insane but how and where can we find solution to minimise or stop violence against women?
Laws are there, public are not cooperating by reporting domestic violence cases. It’s a two way thing.
Make intervention and reporting become law so that neighbours, bystanders and public will know that they must comply with the law to intervene, get hold of abusers and bring them to the nearest police station for abusing someone at home or in public place.

Hanam Bill Sandu,

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  • A person tried to stop an other man, a husband of a wife from hitting his wife with an object. He hold that person not to hit the lady with that object. The husband of the wife struggled and somehow push him off to the road and an on coming vehicle hit him and he died instantly. This happened at the Waigani drive a month ago. Law must protect people in such case.

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