Introduce alternative cash crops in lieu of buai

Letters, Normal

The National, Monday March 17th, 2014

 THE Department  of  Agriculture  and Livestock needs to step up its operations to provide technical assistance to betel nut cultivators to enable them to switch to alternative cash crops. 

Betel nut cultivators of Central and Gulf have been practising a mono culture for generations to sustain their livelihood and to change overnight from one commodity to another is impossible. 

There is no evidence of economies around the globe surviving and prospering on the betel nut industry. 

If  nothing is  done to revert to alternative cash crops, betel nut cultivation will continue with wholesalers and retailers devising new means to bring the nuts into the city. 

Political and  administrative heads  of the affected districts  need to assist in this agricultural development. 

The opportunities for alternative cash crops cultivation are limitless, considering  the large land mass the two provinces possess. 

With the mining and petroleum boom, exporting locally to these catering companies will not be a problem. 

It is about time PNG seriously considers commercial farming instead of subsistence farming. 

Powes Parkop’s  efforts to clean up Port Moresby are being vehemently opposed by the retailing and chewing community that does not have the bigger picture in mind. 

A clean city is beneficial for the common good of all and this issue should not be left to the NCD governor alone to combat. 

E Mondurafa, Via email