Introduce Easipay in Milne Bay, PNG Power

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The National, Thursday 01st December 2011

WHILE most consumers in other provinces have Easipay meters installed by PNG Power, it is a diffe­rent story here in Milne Bay.
We still have to make do with the old meter boxes.
If many people think Milne Bay is one of the brightest at night, think again.
We have to pay K300 or more every fortnight.
Even if we were to diligently pay such exorbitant prices every fortnight, we are still slapped with the disconnection notice be­cause there are always some arrears we did not settle.
As a result, many consumers end up refusing to settle their bills because of such unjust system.
Please remember that K300 a fortnight is a lot of money.
More often than not, we have a hard time deciding whether to pay the bill or put food on the table.
If we opt for the latter, then we will not be able to use the pump to get water, the electrical appliances to cook, no lights for the children to study at night, etc.
We have to use candles or kerosene lamps at night. 
We call on PNG Power to bring the Easipay system to Milne Bay and get rid of the meter system.

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