Introduce food subsidy policy


PAPUA New Guinea is known for its petty crimes.
Criminal activities such as pick-pocketing, breaking and entering and shoplifting are prevalent in our towns and cities.
This paints a bad image of the country.
We need to understand what triggers such activities.
They don’t just happen because a person has bad intentions to ruin someone else’s life.
Many steal in order to survive.
That’s why the Government should subsidise food.
When people have sufficient food, they won’t need to steal.
Majority of the Papua New Guinean households do not have balanced meals a day.
The average Papua New Guinean would be able to afford a balanced diet on a daily basis only if the prices of basic foods are low.
The country needs to implement a food subsidy policy now.
I don’t think people will need to steal if rice can be bought at a lower price.
Subsidising food works for others countries and can work for us as well.
The Government can conduct a nationwide research to gather views of its citizens about food consumption.
Let’s try it out.

Maru Igabi