Invest in honey making

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The National, Friday March 7th, 2014


THE government should make funding available to people who are in the struggling honey business, bee-keepers say.

John Kulda, a bee-keeper, said if funding was made available by the government through the National Development Bank, it could mean a lot of support for the industry.

He said the industry was like many others, including fisheries.

Kulda, from Nebilyer, in Western Highlands, said the industry needed funding so that honey could be turned into a major export product and help support the country along with other commodities.

He pointed out that the price of coffee was unstable and yet millions of kina were being poured into it.

“Honey is a business that has a very big demand in the market,” Kulda said.

He said that honey sold for K16 a kg in PNG.

“But I do not know about other countries.”

He pointed out that that if 30kg of coffee sold at K3 a kg, the farmer would make K90.

If he sold 30kg of honey at K16 a kg then he would make K480.