Invest in local businesses


THERE will be a great investment reset globally.
Many of us have saved revenue, pooling it for the day where we can direct our futures in an optimistic fashion.
Coronavirus (Covid-19) may have affected our economies, devastated our medical/health systems and taken many lives within our communities and abroad, but the financial investment sector is booming and ready to make some noise.
We were encouraged to buy locally, to prize our local businesses and establishments that provide our neighbours with products, services and employment.
We should look to our local entrepreneurs, manufacturers and service providers as places to invest.
The world of global investment brings with it uncertainty, high risk and moral demands.
Do we invest in sectors of the economy that do not meet our moral compass?
Do you invest locally or internationally?
Will you support an unfriendly market or invest in specific preferable markets strategically in India or Singapore?
After all, profit is only that, profit.
You take it where you can.
Has not the Covid-19 pandemic taught us to be more self-dependent in all things?
The pandemic showed us how cruel and uncertain international trade can be.
The Canadian government contracted millions of vaccine doses from China, but instead, China used the vaccines they made for their own citizens.
This makes sense and it shows us how international and national politics can affect us.
Our firms need investments from domestic investors.
Self-sufficiency within the financial sector should direct us towards surviving difficult economic situations.
Look to your local food service establishments and buy food from them.
Help your neighbour.
Spend your money wisely.

Steven Kaszab,