Invest more in agriculture


THE Prime Minister said that the economy “has turned a corner” as the nation prepares for 2019, in The National on Dec 31, 2018.
Is this true? I would like to think that, but am doubtful, considering what had happened and all the issues throughout the country in 2018.
If our economy is strong, how come the inflation rate is at an average high of approximately 5.6 per cent (On Dec 7.6 per cent), not considering the pay issue, shortage of medicine issue, etc.
The budget depends heavily on mineral, oil and gas industries which are dependent on volatile world market prices.
The foreign exchange rate is also unpredictable and affects our revenue considerably.
We have a debt of K25.5 billion in 2018 and in 2019, it will go up to K27.3 billion as per budget.
Is this an improvement in the economy? I would rather say “no”.
I am of the notion that if the debt falls, we are getting better.
The prime minister highlighting the Apec meeting looks good, but we wasted a lot of money and resources while our people were dying.
There were promises during the meeting, but we need to see the real benefit, which is yet to come through the long bureaucratic processes.
We don’t even know how the sales of the Maserati are going.
We might make some good money from that.
Some people are still complaining about their allowances.
It is true that we have a lot of natural resources, but we need to manage them well and effectively.
The way the country has been managed by our Government in recent times has been very poor and questionable.
Are the people in the management role, include the bureaucrats and politicians, not doing their job?
The PM mentioned that more tourists came to Papua New Guinea. We don’t have any evidence of more people entering the country for holidays, even our expatriate Papua New Guineans and families.
The sinking and burning of our flag carrier added some doubt and insecurity to many travellers.
The prime ministers mentioned something about agriculture and the strengthening of this resourceful industry.
I would really like the Government to invest a lot of money into this sector. Whatever that had been invested is not enough.
I still think we need to stop the loan, stop corruption and improve the management of our country, including our economy and resources.

Concerned Citizen

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