Investigate business tactics


THE Independent Consumer and Competition Commission commissioner and his staff and relevant government agencies should check Digicel’s unfriendly business and “dirty” tactics.
On May 1, I had K8 credit units with 50+ megabyte (MB) for internet.
I turned on the data to check Facebook, emails, WhatsApp, IMO and Messenger.
After two minutes, I realised that my data was down to 30+ MB which was acceptable but alas, I was greeted with K0.00 when I checked my credits units.
A Digicel customer care worker advised that this was because I had my internet data on.
What a blatant lie? What about the 30+ MB I had on my account?
Digicel needs to deal with its valued customers in a transparent, accountable, realistic and responsible manner. Quit this unjustifiable tactics for selfish gain.

Igutawe Samuel,
Hago D’kekepa,


  • ICC needs to seriously investigate into this matter, it is a must that these on going issues have to be taken up further in more formidable way to resolve them. Again, it has been an on going so call “Business Tactic” issue to make money from the expense of the poor local PNG citizens. The users of this service are sick and tired of this tactics the way it is playing with the customers/clients. ICC please help fight for the rights of PNG citizens to eradicate this “Business Tactic” games

  • There are lots of issues with Digicel charges compared to Bemobile and Telecom. Its taking so long for authorities to wake up and people are still been victimized with this stupid business

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