Investigate contractors


DRIVING out towards Tuna bay, have you noticed the damage done to the mangroves?
When I flew in on Feb 2, a huge cloud of silt was enveloping the once pristine clear waters of Tuna Bay.
So, I drove out to see where it was coming from.
Some arrogant and ruthless developers or contractors are allegedly ripping down a small hill in the middle of the mangroves and shoving the spoil across the ancient tuna breeding grounds.
Step up Motu Koita landowners leaders, Conservation and Environment Protection Authority (Cepa), NCD Physical Planning Board and city engineers.
Every civil construction project in Australia and New Zealand should have anti-siltation protection in place before the damage is done.
Not so here. I bet they have no permits whatsoever.
Tell me if I am wrong!
Goodbye pristine Tuna Bay, Lion Island and Loloata reef.

Concerned Resident
Port Moresby

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