Investigate Daulo district administration

Letters, Normal

The National, Monday October 28th, 2013

 ALTHOUGH I am not from Asaro, I am compelled to air my disgust and frustration at the manner in which Asaro Station has been left unattended and stagnant.

There has been little improvement to the infrastructure that was provided for the small population during the pre-independence period. 

Past and present MPs and their administrators have failed miserably to improve and expand the police station, health centre, post office and banking facilities and, of course, staff housing is in a deplorable condition. 

The Highlands Highway runs through the station and the site of the rundown police station and health centre from which 18,000 plus people are served is pathetic.

Daulo administration needs to be investigated by Task Force Sweep team. 

For far too long, the people have been denied access to better services by a minority in the Daulo administration. 

Millions of kina are given to each MP in the form of District Support Improvement Programme funds but nobody knows where all the money ends up.


Kotiufa Sniper