Investigate incident


LAST Saturday around 4.30pm, about five unmarked vehicles allegedly driven by members of the RPNGC Fox Units approached the entrance of the PNGDF Kiki Barracks and fired live rounds.
PNGDF personnel on duty received intel of their approach and stood at the entrance unarmed waiting for their arrival.
After firing a good number of rounds, including tear gas, they retreated when they faced resistance from the soldiers who were on their troop carrier and a single 10-seater vehicle.
The issue here is the invasion of a military barracks by armed renegade cops.
Innocent civilians and unarmed soldiers could have been killed.
Aircrafts flying overhead could have been shot in restricted air space.
This actions amount to acts of terrorism.
Authorities concerned should not downplay this incident.
Investigations should be carried out and appropriate actions taken to persecute the perpetrators.

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