Investigate Morobe government


THIS is a call to the Government to look into the Morobe government.
The provincial government should be suspended and a full investigation conducted under a care taker administration.
This call is on behalf of the silent rural communities of Morobe.
The Government and the Department of Provincial and Local Level Government Affairs, please save our beautiful province.
Public servants and political leaders have compromised their duty to serve the people and have allegedly misapplied public funds for their own gain.
Instead of reducing debts it’s been tripled.
There has been an increase of false claims. Payments of false claims were being made by compromised public servants.
The debt services committee is getting huge amount of money as sitting allowances.
The governor is not present in his office and is operating from hotels.
Public servants are operating as orphans without administrative leaders so they wait for the little to get down so they can have it.
All divisions are ineffective.
Please save Morobe.

M Yakuqwaiye
Hakwange Village