Investigate Niugini BioMed Ltd


THE daily newspapers published articles on this new company in Oct 29 and 30 which was re-named from Niugini Biotech and Pharmaceutical Ltd to Niugini BioMed Ltd.
The company was registered this year.
Niugini BioMed claims to have the capacity to deliver Covid-19 medical supplies throughout Papua New Guinea and find a cure for Covid-19.
For this, the Government has approved K10.2 million funding for Covid-19 deliveries and to find a cure for it.
On the surface of this proposal, it seems there is nothing wrong with the company and its proposal for funding.
However, when one considers the amount of time, resources, research, and funding required to develop a cure, one begins to seriously question the standing of the company and its principal promoters, shareholders, and directors.
At present, there are so many institutions and individuals who are knocking on the doors of Waigani, to present fast money schemes and cargo cult proposals to public servants and prominent MPs.
The proposal by Niugini Biomed Ltd is one of them, which was intended to gain public money for hidden motives at the expense of the development needs of PNG.
The company and its principle promoters, shareholders and directors should be investigated and charged for this fraudulent proposal which will cost the people of PNG the much-needed development funds from the Government.

Concerned Citizen, POM

One thought on “Investigate Niugini BioMed Ltd

  • It will land the PM in court – he was conned. He failed to abide by required laws to allocate funding to this overnight outfit.

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