Investigate officers


OFFICERS at the Papua New Guinea Immigration and Citizenship Authority (ICA) should be thoroughly investigated and those found in breach of the immigration laws should face the laws of our country.
Why are foreigners who do not meet the entry requirements allowed to enter PNG and compete with our youths for employment in the private sector?
Foreigners who do not know how to write and speak in Pidgin and English are not eligible to enter our country to live and work as far as the foreign entry requirements is concerned.
Why is it that we have so many foreigners who do not know how to speak and write in the recommended languages still coming through and are found in many areas working or running retail businesses?
There are some officers in there who have no regard for this nation’s laws and have been compromising in such unlawful practices.
These officers have no space in such important office.
To verify this, pick any foreigner working in a shop and issue a paper and a pen and direct them to write their full name.
Also direct them to write a paragraph why they are here in PNG in English or tok pisin.
You will definitely find that most of them will not be able to write.
These people should not have entered the country.
Simple jobs that should be reserved for nationals are being taken over by them and our young school leavers are out of jobs.

Jack Kukiwa
Wanedo – Lae