Investigate politicians


I URGE the police minister through his commissioner to avail resources to investigate and prosecute past and present politicians.
PNG has been branded as one of the most corrupt country and likewise the prosecution rate should be over 90 per cent which is not happening.
Anyone who is cleared by courts on technical grounds should be rearrested to fix up the files so no one gets off the hook lightly without accounting for the substantive matter.
It will be unfair to have only a few politicians and public office holders to serve jail terms while others continue to hide from the radar.
Time to clamp down.


One thought on “Investigate politicians

  • What is the purpose conducting commission of enquiry, we want to see those found guilty of a crime, should be put behind bars,some factor reasoning are, ordinary people are put behind bar easily then this politician who steal million from the public purchase, there fore a lot breakout in the Bomana, Biasu & many others etc….

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