Investigate public servant


I RAISE this concern regarding a particular public servant within the Department of National Planning and Monitoring (DNPM).
For the past few months, he has been asking for his cut from those he signed out cheques to.
This is unbecoming of a public servant who is already being paid handsomely on the job.
I am a contractor to the department and he has been bothering me over the last months to pay him his cut.
Contractors rely on the payments from services rendered to an organisation and for a public servant who receives fortnightly salaries, asking for a cut in our payments is very unfair.
From what I hear, he has also been asking the employees of the department for his cut when he signs out their cheques for travel and other allowances etc.
How will we become rich when these 10 per cent officers are within the government system?
They are getting paid for their job and further asking for money again from those who need to be paid for the services they are providing to the government.
Everyone is trying to make ends meet and trying to get money from someone for the services rendered is very unfair.
I urge the minister and his secretary to look into the matter.
Replace this officer with someone trustworthy who can deal with government businesses efficiently, effectively and with honesty.

Concerned grassroots businessman and contractor


  • Be great to metion the name of the corrupted officer. Why withheld his names and province of origin? Tok aut tok stret em way blg stopim korapsen. Report him to Fraud squad and OC.

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