Investigate scam


I HAVE become a victim of tugs at the Boroko Post Office.
Therefore, this article is intended for the management of Telikom Holdings PNG Ltd to investigate and address.
My post office box key-lock was not screwed on tightly to prevent it from coming off.
Instead, the key-lock was left loose.
On one occasion, I inserted the key into the key-lock to open and check for mails.
To my surprise, the lock fell off and went into the box.
I reported the matter to the staff at the post office.
I was informed that the lock was damaged by the box-holder and needed to be replaced.
He told me that it would cost K50 to replace it.
However, he was prepared to accept K30, if I bought lunch for him.
I bought him lunch and he replaced the lock-key.
I was very disappointed about what had happened.
Mail box holders, please take particular note of this scam.
The management of Post PNG should investigate and eliminate this scam once-and-for all.

Concerned Citizen – Pom


  • What a shame! We put trust in such organisation for important mail services but instead you are blackmail for the service you pay for.
    Identify these useless idiots and send them to prison and see if they’ll receive their mails there

  • There’s got to be a proper way to have the mail boxes secured.
    And again, the Telikom Management must get rid of employees who are asking for lunch/cash before they carry out their tasks.
    Such people are a problem to the organization.

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