Investing in B’ville’s education vital: Lera


INVESTING in education is important in Bougainville to produce educated people, says Regional member Joe Lera.
He is investing in institutions such as the Nursing College in Arawa, Bougainville Polytech in Hutjena and ITI in Kokopau.
In addition, long-term projects he will be investing on are the Bougainville University in Manetai in Central Bougainville and the Teachers College in Buin in South Bougainville.
“I saw that the production of educated, trained manpower collapsed after the crisis. So I am focusing on building education institutions and assisting students to study abroad because it is important that we start somewhere if we are to get independence. We have to have our own human resources,” Lera said.
“We have to remember that whatever the outcome, we need to be prepared to also get productive quality resourceful politicians and public servants, people who can come up with modern policies and legislations for the region.”
Lera saw the need to have more nurses so he decided to invest in the Arawa Nursing College.
“I saw the need as urgent because after the crisis, all the nurses were aged. And if nothing was done and the Arawa college was not established, the whole health system would have collapsed,” he said.
The collage is graduating 80 nurses every year.
He said the Bougainville Polytech will be opened this year as all the infrastructure was in place.
“I negotiated with the Otago Polytech in New Zealand and in 2015 I sent 15 students to Otago to do their certificates in management which they did in a one-year programme.
“After the infrastructures are complete and officially opened this year the students will continue their studies and get their diplomas and then degrees and we will also take in new intakes.”

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