Investing money on wrong things


Please let me air out my view as a concerned citizen and a hardworking taxpayer to this dire nation.
I am seriously concerned about the way our Government is investing money into so many unworthy projects and programmes that do not even add value to our livelihoods.
Most politicians are now using public money for their own interest and personal gain.
They enjoy luxuries at the expense of Papua New Guineans.
I am a simple, ordinary citizen struggling to meet my needs every day in a costly and luxurious capital city.
I am deeply concerned about how effective and serious our Government is in reducing chronic unemployment and petty crime, eradicating income disparity between rich and poor, and most importantly improving rundown health facilities.
Most of our politicians are very incompetent, immature, retarded or ill-minded.
They are not even being proactive and visualise the outcomes of real economic benefits before making investments.
I don’t know if they even analyse and assess the cost and benefit of their particular investment.
Look at the yoga programme, for instance.
That was a very uneconomical, costly and unwise decision made by Governor Powes Parkop.
This programme has no real economic return.
There is an alarming petty crime rate, rundown health facilities and high unemployment rate coupled with high cost of living in the city.
One person’s interest makes thousands of people suffer.
Yoga cannot help people beat the high cost of living in the city.
K3 million is a huge amount of money, which can be used for better health services, which can help everyone.
The poor people suffer, while politicians keep enjoying luxurious service in privately-owned hospitals and clinics that cost taxpayers a lot more.
In turn, they give money to expatriates who own these hospitals and clinics.
These people remit money back to their country to improve their economy while we keep suffering in our own country.
What really frustrates me is that you cannot not even see any politician getting treatment using public health facilities in clinic and hospitals, even the Yoga advocate himself.
That is certainly true in most cases.
All of them get treatment in private, high-cost clinics and hospitals owned by foreigners within and abroad.

Maran Kess Mamatsirah
Concerned citizen

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