Involve landowners: Basil

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LANDOWNERS must be involved in every process in the negotiations for the US$5 billion (K17.47bil) Wafi-Golpu project, Deputy Prime Minister Sam Basil says.
He attended the presentation of baseline studies by the developer of the Wafi-Golpu project supporting Deep Sea Tailings Placement on Tuesday in Port Moresby.
Basil urged Morobe Governor Ginson Saonu to take ownership of the project saying all political leaders in the province would support the Government.
He also reminded consultants involved in the talks to understand the views of landowners.
Basil said the business community in Morobe had multi-million kina investments in the pipeline awaiting the Wafi-Golpu project to get off the ground.
“Our landowners know what they want. We have to involve them in every process,” Basil, also the Minister for National Planning and Monitoring said. “For us MPs, we will support our landowners.
“If we know that they are wrong in some way, we will tell them.
“But so far their call is right.
“The business houses are spending a lot of money in Morobe.
“Coral Sea Hotels are building a K500 million hotel.
“They are waiting for Wafi-Golpu to start. There’s a chocolate factory, same amount, they are ready to build.
“There’s another K500 million flour mill that is underway in the miles area of Morobe.”
Basil’s Bulolo district will be building a K1.6 million office at the Mumeng local level government.
Prime Minister James Marape urged stakeholders in the Wafi-Golpu project to work together to move the project forward.


  • Basil, political prostitute na kaikai man. Whenever he speaks like that yu know, em laikim hap Kakaruk blo em Tu.
    Don’t always think about exploring, digging and getting rich because what will happen after 30 years. There won’t be any more fish in the Ocean because of pollution cause by your mine. Landowners will live in big canvas camps without and solid and permanent houses, good roads and bridges. There won’t be any services coming from mines except damages to the environment and clans and families will fight among themselves.

  • Sam Basil is one of the best performing members of Parliament. His shift from part to party was for the best interest of his voters in Bulolo and PNG. He had been in the opposition for almost more than 2 decades. Regardless of him being marginalised in almost his entire political career in the opposition, he proved that he is one among many that PMJM trusts to lead this nation as the Deputy Prime minister.

    Well done SB for taking into consideration the plight of resource owners in this resource rich nation. We wish our politicians from the PNGLNG project area in Hela had the same heart and vision like you.

  • Minister SB never shy away when it comes to Wau Bulolo, Morobe and PNG. He is negotiating real good for his people the LOs. we need to know what is the take for LOs and the government. No more negotiations for 2%, we want 40 to 50% EQUITY IN this project. Hopefully the consultants engaged has the negotiating skills to convince developers. Where are our government negotiating team? Are they involved in this?

  • All the Hela and Southern Highlands who have received something from the oil and gas have already forgot of going back home. they want to dai and be berried in 9 mile. Some of them have living on borrowing waiting for their share or royalty which has never eventuated. Morobe land owners have to be careful, you might follow in the same category. Politicians and good in convincing and brain washing,,

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