IPA duo face conspiracy charges

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The National, Monday 28th November 2011

INVESTMENT Promotion Authority registrar Alex Tongayu and his deputy, Tamil Tape, have been named among others for questioning by police in relation to a conspiracy case.
Police alleged that Maba Ata and Boyd Naria, two landowners of the Napa­Napa area, in Central, conspired with Tape and Tongayu to alter the profile of a landowner company and made changes to the chairmanship of NapaNapa Landowners Association Incorporated (NLAI).
Police briefs allege that the incident happened between May 13, and Oct 28 between 8am and 5pm.
Police alleged that during the same period a pastor, Hanua Gadiki, took a Kore Kore Gaudi, Naria and Ata to court to challenge the chairmanship of NLAI in the National Court in Waigani.
The report said the case was heard by Justice Gibbs Salika, who dismissed the proceedings and maintained that an earlier decision for the Provincial Land Court Order of Dec 21, 2010,  was in full effect in which the complainant, Gadiki, is the chief chairman of the association.
Police said the action by the group, including the alleged conspirators, was a misinterpretation of the judicial review and the decision by the court. 
Police said they had received a formal complaint from Gadiki and had arrested and charged Gaudi.
Police said they would call Ata, Naria, Tape and Tongayu in for questioning.