IPA launches business registry system for firms


THE business community and public can now benefit from the Investment Promotion Authority’s (IPA) move from its online registry system to the internet-based “cloud” storage system, acting managing director Clarence Hoot says.
“Moving our business registry to the cloud is an important step in ensuring system outages are minimised and business information is always available,” he said.
The transition is part of the system’s upgrade schedule and will underpin moves to a newer, more user-friendly software version.
The cloud transition will also allow stakeholders of the registry system to benefit from the most up-to-date IT infrastructure used at world-class data centres.
The project is part of a memorandum of understanding with the Australian Development Bank through its Pacific Private Sector Development Initiative.
Technical assistance to transfer the registry is being provided by the initiative, a programme undertaken by the bank in partnership with the Australia and New Zealand governments.
“In PNG’s Apec year, the government of Australia wants to help PNG let the world know that it is open for business and we are pleased that PNG is delivering real benefits to business through the use of technology,” said Chakriya Bowman of Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

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