Ipatas and Engan MPs must ensure Ellis remains in Wabag

Letters, Normal

IT is sad to read in our dailies about Engans protesting against Justice Graham Ellis’ transfer.
If the poor citizens of Enga are concerned for their lives, welfare, future, safety, law and order, I wonder whether Peter Ipatas, Don Polye, Sam Abal, John Pundari, Philip Kikala and Miki Kaeok are in tune with the people.
Ellis has made a great impact on the lives of the poor citizens and they now recognise what justice is all about.
If the great work and rulings by Ellis could be felt by the poor people, do the six MPs also feel the same way?
If they do, then Ipatas, as governor, must be the first to ensure that Ellis remain in the province.


JN Herra
Via email