Ipatas: Arrest staff with vehicles at pubs

Highlands, Normal

The National, Wednesday October 9th, 2013

 ENGA Governor Peter Ipatas has directed police to arrest public servants who park government vehicles at gambling and nightclub venues. 

He told public servants last Friday that it was embarrassing to be told by members of the public that government workers were becoming careless of  where they were taking state vehicles.

“I am directing the police to arrest public servants who are taking government vehicles to poker and nightclubs,” he said.

“Their actions bring disrespect and shame to the provincial government and its administration.”

He asked the public servants to get rid of tints on government vehicles.

He said he could not understand why public servants were driving around in vehicles with tinted windows when they were expected to be transparent before the people they were supposed to serve.

“I do not want to see tinted vehicles. All government vehicles with dark glasses should be removed as soon as possible,” Ipatas said.

Provincial administrator Dr Samson Amean said he would issue a circular to the public servants to effect the governor’s direction on the issue of government vehicles.