Ipatas denies part in bringing down NA

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The National – Thursday, December 30, 2010

 ENGA Governor Peter Ipatas has condemned media reports accusing him of being party to the appointment of Deputy Prime Minister Sam Abal.

Ipatas said he was not impressed by a Post-Courier report yesterday suggesting that he was angered at not being acknowledged by the acting prime minister.

“It is the prime minister’s prerogative to appoint the deputy prime minister and ministers of his cabinet.”

Ipatas was also critical of the newspaper report claiming that he was out to bring down the National Alliance party highlands branch.

“What happens within NA is their business; their internal party matter. 

“The People’s Party has no intention of destabilising NA in the highlands or to use the party’s internal politics to create an issue.”

Repeating his commitment to thousands of people in Wabag during Abal’s recent visit, Ipatas said: “The prime minister, in his wisdom, appointed Abal ahead of other leaders.

“I thank Anderson Agiru, Arthur Somare, Paul Tiensten, Gabriel Kapris and Moses Maladina for respecting the appointment of Abal as deputy and, now, acting prime minister.

“I call on these leaders to work with Abal to ensure government stability and stable leadership for our people.”

He said what had been reported was not true.

“The People’s Party has supported NA and the prime minister since 2007 and will continue to do so until the 2012 elections,” Ipatas said.

“I call upon the NA highlands branch to resolve its internal party matters and support Abal maintain government stability until the writs are issued for the 2012 general elections.”