Ipatas gives K50,000 for students’ education

The National,Wednesday June 15th, 2016

ENGA Governor Sir Peter Ipatas gave K50,000 to Doliba High School in  Karamui-Nomane, Chimbu, on Monday.
Sir Peter, who was there to witness the launching of the school’s computer laboratory, gave the money because he was impressed with MP Mogerma Sigo Wei’s initiative to introduce quality education through computer lessons.
He said his leadership focused on promoting quality education in Enga which was the leading province in producing the highest number of educated elites.
Sir Peter said helping a person find better education made a lot of difference in a community.
He said he believed that investing in education was vital.
He gave K50,000 from the Enga government budget to Doliba students.
Sir Peter said the Government’s free education policy gave children a chance to get an education.
Sir Peter said because of the policy, schools were experiencing  an increase in enrolment which was good.
He said the Enga government used to pay K10 million for students each year but after the TFF policy was introduced, his government now paid K40 million a year.
“This TFF policy is giving everyone a chance to earn an education and it is a balanced policy,” Sir Peter said.