Ipatas my man for PM

Letters, Normal

The National- Wednesday, January 19, 2011

 THE verbal attack on Enga Governor Peter Ipatas by Sani Rambi (Dec 31) cannot go unchallenged. The attack is baseless and biased. 

Who is Rambi and what has he done? Nothing or, may be, a few things. As for Ipatas, he has done a lot for the people of Enga. 

The Coca-Cola Ipatas Cup and free education are some programmes which were pioneered by the governor.  

Ipatas has done alot to the people of Enga and PNG as a whole. 

He is kind, generous, humble and down-to-earth type of leader, a people’s servant not boss.

He is a true Melanesian leader with the leadership qualities to be a good prime minister who can lead and move this country forward without fear or favour.



Papua Merona 

Port Moresby