Ipatas pledge to help school

Highlands, Normal

The National, Wednesday, May 25, 2011

ENGA Governor Peter Ipatas will give K10,000 to Kiripia Primary School in the lower Kagul area of Western Highlands, Tambul-Nebilyer electorate.
Ipatas made the commitment last Saturday at Kiripia Pena and in front of a huge crowd that turned out to witness the compensation paid by the Sipaka tribe to the family members of six people who died in a car accident last year at Paia Kona, on the Wabag and Western Highlands section of the Highlands Highway.
He said education would always be his priority because through education people “will live a bright future”.
He said even though Kiripia was not part of Enga, his vision was to develop human resources through education.
Ipatas urged people to send their children to school.