Ipatas wants provinces to run own affairs


Enga Governor Sir Peter Ipatas, wants the National Government to allow the provinces to run their own affairs.
He urged Parliament last week to allow provincial governments to play an active role in the province’s decision-making process.
Sir Peter made this statement after the Department of Environment awarded a 50-year water permit for developers at the Porgera mine area without consulting the provincial government and the people of Enga.
“They should have consulted the provincial government and the people before awarding permits,” he said.
“As it will have direct impact on the locals and we are the mandated leaders of the province, I have to speak up for my people and my provincial government who were bypassed in the decision-making of awarding the river permit.”
Sir Peter said that the Porgera mine would also be up for review next year and called on the national government to start giving it prominence and start talking about it.
“There has to be a new agreement discussed and highlighted for the sake of the people before the review,” he said.
“The government must involve or allow the provincial government to play their roles.”
Sir Peter said that the national government had the country to run and should allow or let the provincial government take care its affairs.
“Papua New Guinea has 22 provinces and each province has its own agendas and should be given to run their provinces at provincial level.”