IRC planning well ahead

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The National – Tuesday, December 21, 2010

INTERNAL Revenue Commission (IRC) launched its corporate plan last Friday which maps out a three-year journey for the commission commencing Jan 1 with the movement of customs and taxations administrative responsibilities to two separate and new agencies.
The corporate plan 2010-12, according to IRC commissioner-general Betty Palaso, provided information on key areas for the next three years.
Palaso stated that the plan sought to build on the foundation of a new revenue agency as well as acknowledging the national government’s Vision 2050.
Key areas highlighted in the plan included effective delivery of service to response to influx of new taxpayers to revenue system as a result of LNG project, management of risks involving revenue collection including measurement to allow IRC to better gauge and account for the effectiveness of its administrative activities and the importance of a capable staff to administer a range of taxation and financial legislation.
The plan devoted a full page to outlining its contribution to the outcomes of the national strategic plan 2010-50 and in the same way seeks to address to build on the foundation of a new revenue agency.
There is recognition that a contribution would be made over time to all seven pillars underpinning the Vision 2050.