IRC to distribute tax component for NCDC to Central, Gulf, MTA


THE Internal Revenue Commission (IRC) will distribute to Central, Gulf and the Motu Koitabu Assembly the goods and services tax (GST) component which goes to the National Capital District Commission.
IRC Commissioner General Sam Koim made the decision “to slice the GST pie that goes to the NCDC in accordance with (amended) Section 33(2) of the National Capital District Commission Act 2001”.
Under that provision, the IRC is required to distribute the 60 per cent due to the NCDC to the Central government (10 per cent), Gulf government (3 per cent) and Motu Koitabu Assembly (2 per cent).
“We have been remitting everything to the NCDC hoping that it would do the right thing,” he said.
“Over the years however, NCDC had been at best inconsistent, at worst, arrogant, in providing what is due to the people of Central, Gulf and Motu Koitabu. This has resulted in countless and costly court proceedings where the IRC was dragged into.”
Koim said he had discussed the matter with NCD Governor Powes Parkop and Central Governor Robert Agarobe.
“Despite the best of efforts, we seem to be getting nowhere,” he said.
“The people who are supposed to benefit from the funds are suffering in the meantime.”
Parkop said yesterday: “We will get an injunction as it’s against the decision of the Supreme Court on this issue.”