Iron Sky

Normal, Weekender

The National, Friday 13th July, 2012

THIS weekend, the Paradise Cinema is dragging viewers into the void of past conflicts made anew and also tapping into relationship issues with old friends with two films that are bound to entertain thoroughly.
First up is Iron Sky. So without, further hindrance to your reviews, here is the first.
The Nazis went to the moon in 1945… in 2018 they are coming back. This headline alone is enough to draw in any film viewer and sparks a very vibrant array of ideas as to what could happen in the film.
Without giving away too much and making sure you don’t get too little, Iron Sky’s plot goes something like this.
As the Second World War came to a close and the Nazi’s defeat became certain, the few remaining masters of the Third Reich left earth on alien crafts that were apparently used by the Nazi war machine during the war. These ships carrying Nazi’s landed on the dark side of the moon and built a civilization that grew and thrived.
It isn’t until 2018, that the now highly populated moon base encounters a US led moon landing crew who are equally surprised to find a huge Swastika shaped base on the moon. This unexpected meeting leaves the Nazis wondering whether their cover has been blown. Dissension among the Nazis results in a decision to invade earth.
As they did during the war of 1942, the Nazis infiltrate the ranks of the US government using a spy who finds favor with the US president. No one connected to the US government is aware that they have unwittingly embraced the influence of a Nazi – this thought alone is scary beyond all reason and sparks a similar contrast between the controversial Illuminati and New World Order enigmas.
With the Nazis set to invade from the moon, it is your duty to head to Paradise Cinemas to see what happens when the Nazis return.
Will their technology eclipse that of the US and UN forces? If so, what will become of earth during this unorthodox alien invasion?
Iron Sky is probably one of the most ingeniously thought up films ever made. Just the idea of a known race -The Nazis – invading earth from the moon is enough to send thrills up any movie enthusiast’s spine. Films about alien invasions and basses on other planets have been done to near death since Star Wars. The new angle in which this invasion on a galactic scale comes, gives viewers a new scare and tones of plot prediction possibilities.
The revisiting of an ancient enemy that is to this day rarely talked about fused with the much talked about UFO and alien enigma sparks controversial story telling that will blow every person who watches the film.
The best thing about Iron Sky is the humor. Though the plot is dark and morbid to a certain degree, the director, Timo Vuorensola managed to add a twisted pinch of cartoonish humor that is bound to shake up viewers in their seats.
All in all, if I had to rate this film; I’d give it an eleven out of ten. Ok I’ll be honest, it’s not the best directed film and there maybe a few hints of B grade film acting, but all this down grading is done away with when you take in the film in its fullness; definitely a film to bring friends and family along to watch at the Cinema.
The second of the reviews is a more down to earth, away from the moon based film about a boy – who becomes a man, and his teddy bear.