Is it time for a new leadership in Madang?

Letters, Normal

THE threat to pass a motion of no-confidence on Madang Governor Sir Arnold Amet is both good and bad depending on your stand.
For those who are for it would say it should have been done ages ago before the rot set in.
Madang was once known for its beauty and peace.
But since Sir Arnold took office, the town has lost all that.
Criminals have taken over the town, drunkards are everywhere and youngsters are now involved in petty crimes.
Illegal settlements have increased and, as a result, the crime rate has shot through the roof.
An uneventful day in Madang town would have been no crime or rape being committed when it was the opposite only a few years ago.
Madang is now a dangerous place to live in.
As such, a change in the provincial leadership is necessary to address the law and order problems.
For those who are against it, would say Sir Arnold is getting rid of corruption and everything conducted in the province is now transparent.
He is instilling good leadership.