Is leadership code not law?

Letters, Normal

The National – Friday, December 31, 2010

 SIR Michael Somare and his supporters, including Sir Peter Barter, kept on telling us that it was an administrative procedure that the prime minister did not follow and he did not break any law.

My question: Isn’t the leadership code a set of laws?

If it is a set of laws, then the prime minister broke the law when he failed to submit his annual statements. 

A law is a law. 

As a public leader, it is morally, socially and spiritually wrong not to inform the people the source of income. 

The Ombudsman Commission found it unlawful too. 

Leaders must be transparent so that there are no doubts or misconceptions.

Sir Peter, Mamando Pain and others may have deep respect for the prime minister but I have lost my respect for him since the Moti saga.

Like it or not, we look at him with disdain, distrust and hatred. 

We just cannot help it.



Port Moresby